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Uli Brée about his Altstadt Experience

Screenwriter, director and actor. Visionary and creator. Today he is one of the most renowned theater and television writers in the German-speaking world. The awards for his work range from 4 Romys to the Salzburger Stier or a Grimme Award nomination for his crime scene "Ausgelöscht".

How does the Altstadt Vienna feel?
The salon is both a living room and a dining room. Sometimes I wonder how many strangers are sitting in "my" dining room. The ladies at the front desk greet me every time like a family member returning home after a long trip. And the ladies in red, who take care of the rooms, lovingly provide the writer with a few extra capsules of coffee.

Which is your favorite room?
I once read that Elvis Presley had his private bedroom replicated in every hotel on tour. In my case, it's the other way around. I modeled my bedroom after a hotel room at Altstadt Vienna. Dark baroque wallpaper, chandelier and box spring bed, so that I also feel like I'm in a hotel at home.

When and how did your relationship with Altstadt Vienna begin?
I don't know exactly how long I've been a regular guest here. Certainly a few years. I think it was through my friend Harald Krassnitzer, for whom I write Tatort, among other things, that I ended up here. In the meantime, the Altstadt has also become a kind of writing dependency for me. Sometimes I retreat here for a few weeks to write in peace. In the meantime, several films and series have been made here. Among others also partly the "Vorstadtweiber".

Altstadt Vienna in one word?
Carefree at home. Artful living. Luxuriously modest. Second home.

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