to Joy

Making others happy is the highest form of happiness.


A business is only as good as its employees allow. Your service team is expected to radiate sincerity and readily give its best. It is for this reason that we see people as a whole, and incorporate all aspects of what goes into making a pleasant workplace in the way we treat them and one another.



The benefits we offer our employees include a cook who prepares a healthy daily meal just for the Altstadt Vienna Team. And who bakes cakes for our guests on the side. The meal is an opportunity for pleasant exchange, just like at home. Drinks and snacks are always at no charge to them. In addition, hotel employees receive a free monthly pass to use on Viennese public transportation, which is also kind on the environment.


In addition to further-education programs, we invest a lot in harmonious interaction. Whether set days every month when we get together at different eateries, visits to summer festivals, or our annual company outing when, incidentally, we also take advantage of the opportunity to gather impressions of other city hotels. The Altstadt Vienna Team have visited destinations including Istanbul, Rome, Hamburg, Salzburg, Munich, Paris, Prague, Naples, Athens and Madrid.








A valuable place


It goes without saying that employees who feel valued also perform better. What differentiates us is the fact that we don't merely judge performance in terms of numbers. Far more importantly, we want to make ourselves, our environment and you happy. This is our sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. As is a sustainable approach to doing business - in fact, the Altstadt Vienna was the 1st hotel in Vienna to receive the Austrian Eco Seal - a matter of course from our perspective. All the rest comes automatically. The combination of sincere hospitality, courage to innovate and personal employee commitment makes the Altstadt Vienna what it is:


A valuable place. A refreshing source of Viennese joie de vivre. A refuge, where people are permitted to be who they truly are.