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The Art of

Markus Busslehner about
the Art of Muesli

Markus Busslehner from Verival about Tyrol's joie de vivre and the love for breakfast. And his great company, which is certified organic, Greenbrands, CO2 climate and Cycle4green.

Which of your products can be found in the Altstadt?

A delicious selection of crunchies, mueslis and porridges at Altstadt Vienna and nerve food for Altstadt meetings, a whole range for all diets and preferences.

What is the passion behind your products?

Those who eat healthy have more energy for life itself. Energy is joie de vivre and is inevitable when you live in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains. And a good day begins with a good morning, and a good morning with a wonderful breakfast. The combination of the best ingredients, the gentle and careful production in our organic manufactory in Tyrol and a lot of love for the product is what makes it. My favorite: the sports muesli strawberry-sour cherry with warm almond milk after my morning yoga session.

... and what we love about you?

Your mueslis, crunchies and porridges as an alternative keep us from raiding the candy bar every day.

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