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In 2012, the young Viennese architect assisted fashion designer Lena Hoschek in transforming our former Library Suite. Back then, she was an intern. More than a decade later, in 2023, Antonella Amesberger returned to the Altstadt for her own interior design project – delving deeply into the Viennese modern dance scene and the life story of Otto Wiesenthal's great cousin: Grete Wiesenthal.

In her creative process, Amesberger was entirely guided by Wiesenthal's revolutionary dance technique and its close connection to the Wiener Werkstätte. Collaborating with ballet dancer Lucie Horná, she gained a deeper understanding of Wiesenthal's unique dance postures and used this knowledge to create a spatial experience that seamlessly integrates dance, music, and art.

Antonella Amesberger views the Viennese way of life as a blend of tradition and understated coziness. Inspired by Vienna's coffeehouse culture and the music of Billy Joel, the architect carefully selected materials and colors to transform the space into a cozy yet functional oasis. The themes for the rooms – dance, music, and nature – not only reflect Wiesenthal's passions but also Amesberger's ambition to create spaces that encourage movement and interaction. Cozy, light, and free, the Grete Wiesenthal Suite now invites guests to experience the space in their own way – whether dancing or simply relaxing.

Antonella Amesberger's Grete Wiesenthal Suite is an XXL suite. Discover a piece of dance history at the Altstadt Vienna along with other exciting interpretations of the Viennese lifestyle:

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