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The well-known and unconventional Austrian actor Tobias Moretti has been a permanent guest at the Hotel Altstadt Vienna for a more than 20 years and appreciates the unique atmosphere here. 

Coming home to the Altstadt Vienna always has something natural for him, - something ordinary, - something self-evident. Self-evidence is the axiom for experienced art. It is not museum-like, but rather has a presentness. According to the actor this already begins with breakfast. One knows each other, one sees each other, one greets each other, and yet one can keep to oneself. The entire staff, without exception, is of a warmth and cordiality that never seems trained, but is quite easy. For a person who dislikes leaving but loves arriving, this is both comfort and blessing.

When we asked Tobias Moretti if he would like to design a room at Altstadt Vienna, he immediately came up with the idea of combining his two worlds in one room. The exaggerated view of his home is framed by the atmosphere of a theater stage. At the moment of awakening, sitting up in bed, you are in some kind of an imaginary world, as if you could enter another country through a stage process. The pine wood used for the bed is from Moretti's own forest.

A hotel room opens the view into another world of here and now. A strange mirror is to be found in the middle of the city: a combination of urbanity and nature, as it only exists on Austrian theater stages.

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