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The artist group ZUKCLUB (which essentially means "Where did the zebra fly", a bit of Russian linguistic humor) is currently the leading representative of Street Art in Russia. This artist collective from Moscow, founded in 2001, comes from the graffiti scene, though has since expanded its spectrum into design, contemporary art and sculpture. ZUKCLUB is known for large-scale pieces which can now be found, not only in Russia and Europe, but also in such countries as Singapore, Indonesia and Nepal. 

Their works are in the tradition of the South American Muralistas. After their participation in the 2011 BLK River Festival, in the following year they were again represented in Vienna by a large piece spanning some 1400 square meters - a project known as "Graffiti Street", the first such street to actually be integrated by name in the city street map and thus into the public consciousness of a city. Since 2013, the ZUK CLUB has been involved with a mural project in Moscow intended to continue for many years, in the course of which more than 100 walls within the Moscow city limits have already been painted, and primarily without any kind of government interference.

The work of this artist collective at the Altstadt brims with baroque opulence. The floral mural in the entrance area is kitschy, yet receives a modern interpretation through negative reversal of colors. The stripes make an immediate reference to the the heart of the hotel, the Red Salon, and lead guests towards the reception area.

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