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Lars Eidinger about his Altstadt Experience

Lars Eidinger is currently one of Germany's busiest actors. In addition to his engagement at the Schaubühne Berlin, he is constantly shooting feature films all over the world. Additionally, he performs as a DJ at events and exhibits his art in galleries alongside other big names. On Instagram he shares his everyday life. The ALBA Gallery shows his first solo exhibition in Austria "ƎVI⅃" until 26.3.2022.

Describe the feel of the Altstadt Vienna.

In general, I am a lover of hotel rooms. At times it is liberating to be surrounded by things that have no personal meaning or value, although of course I prefer to be at home with my family. The Altstadt combines these two longings. I feel liberated and secure at the same time. The Altstadt is a place that gives you a familiar, safe feeling without being intrusive.


Which is your favorite room?

All the rooms are beautiful, because each of them has its own individual character, however, my favorite room is the salon. I love the atmosphere there, and the breakfast itself is incomparably good.


When and how did your relationship with the Altstadt Vienna begin?

In the summer of 2010 I played Georg Trakl in the film "Tabu - Es ist die Seele ein Fremdes auf Erden" and the production accommodated me at the Altstadt Vienna. Since then, I always ask to be booked in there when I work in Vienna. It was love at first sight. And when my family came to visit, it felt like a second home. I have the fondest memories of that time, the peace and quiet, the room where I could prepare myself and the location of the Altstadt Vienna, which is an ideal base for long walks in all directions of Vienna.

Describe the Altstadt Vienna in one word.


Find out what Lars Eidingers favourite room at the hotel, our salon, looks like:

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