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Fair Trade never looked better. The sisters Veronika and Magdalena Kupfersberger have been proving this with their social interior shop sister*hood for a while already. And now also with a room for the Altstadt Vienna.

Their concept of "Trade, not Aid" was also expressed in the design of their room at the Altstadt Vienna. With total creative freedom. Almost, at least. The only directive? It had to feature a painting by contemporary Viennese artist Alexander Ruthner. The figurative, large-format work, which is part of his "meadow paintings", forms the focal point of the room.

Thus, a concept was created that picks up on the color scheme of the painting and at the same time creates a sense of calm: the bright, high-ceilinged room is filled with specially designed, handmade African lamps by Ashanti Design. Thonet chairs, a classic of Viennese coffee house culture, and sculptural African baskets harmoniously coexist. Both are united by excellent craftsmanship.

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You will also find a successful symbiosis of two worlds in Room 23, created by Atil Kutoglu, a Viennese by choice who lives in Istanbul.

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Would you like to move in straight away? At least for one or two nights? Our sister*hood room is a double room M.


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